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The ghost mannequin effect is a post-production technique often used to show clothing and accessories for e-commerce stores.

During the photoshoot, all products need to be shot on a dummy doll or a mannequin. Firstly, the product is captured from the front then it's to be turned inside out to get a photo of the tags and also the lower back. During the post-production, the mannequin will be edited out of the image to focus the eye on the particular product.

In the next step, these 2 photos will be combined by getting stitched together on editing software like photoshop. More specifically, the front of the clothing needs to be placed on the back to provide the looks that an invisible person is wearing the garments. The combination of the two photos will create the product look realistic and provides it a 3D look. It is vital to capture all photos from an equivalent angle and distance to facilitate the editing method.

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Ghost Mannequin Services At PixeLSense Park

Advantages of using a ghost mannequin.

  • It is a cost-effective technique that gives a consistent look to the website.
  • Helps customer not get distracted by the model or background.
  • Online shoppers have the ability to visualise the product and imagine how it would look on them.
  • The mannequin gives the clothing article a shape resembling a person without the cost of a real model.
  • Less editing time of the photos as the mannequin is instantly removed. A traditional model needs more editing on their body and face to remove imperfections.

Disadvantages of using a ghost mannequin.

  • Models can promote the style and identity of the company where mannequins can’t.
  • Ghost mannequins do not promote a branding strategy.

Typically, it's best to use a combination of ghost mannequin and live models. The ghost mannequin provides consistency for your main product thumbnails and photos on websites or in catalogs, However, live models add a human and relatability factor. It additionally puts the product into context for shoppers.

Ghost mannequin services at PixeLSense Park

Whether you shot the image using a clear, wire, or non-transparent mannequin, we can work with your files to achieve the most natural-looking image. We’ll help you bring your products to life, add texture, and ultimately help you grow your business — all while taking a tedious task off your hands.

To this date, we’ve edited more than 6 million images — and counting. That means you receive images edited by highly skilled and experienced photo editors. Trust us and let us help you meet even the most aggressive deadlines, whether you have a job of one or one thousand photos.

We know how important it is to achieve real-looking images so you can sell more products. Online stores, print catalogs — and everything in between.

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